Recommended Books

Most of my photography skill is self-taught, either through things learned from books or other web sites. Here are a few of my favorite photography books along with a brief description of each.

Educational - Photography

The Camera - This is the first book in the classic Ansel Adams series on black and white photography. It covers choosing a camera, basic image management, and view camera movements.

The Negative - This is the second book in the Ansel Adams series. It covers the zone system method of creating negatives as well as methods for processing roll film and sheet film.

The Print - This is the third book in the Ansel Adams series. It gives a detailed explanation of methods that can be used to produce a fine photographic print. It also covers post-print processing such as mounting and display.

Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs - In this book, Ansel Adams gives a detailed explanation of how he created 40 of his photographs. The book includes not only technical information about cameras, lenses, and film, but also information about what Adams was thinking as he created each photograph. It is a valuable insight into the mind of this great photographic artist.

Educational - Business

Business and Legal Forms for Photographers - This is a vauable resource. It comes with a CD containing all the forms as well as forms that may be copied. Some examples of forms included in the book are a portrait session contract, a copyright registration form, and a gallery contract. In addition to the actual forms, a negotiation checklist is included for each form.

Legal Handbook for Photographers - This is an excellent resource for photographers who are wondering what their rights and restrictions are as photograhers. It covers such topics as model releases, privacy, and the right to take pictures in public places.


Places of Power - John Sexton was an assistant to Ansel Adams for several years. During that time, he learned photography and printing from his mentor. In this portfolio, Sexton takes us to the Hoover dam, industrial power plants, the space shuttle, and Anasazi ruins via his stunning black and white photographs.

Light and Air: The Photography of Bayard Wootten - Bayard Wootten was one of the earliest female photographers. This book is full of images of the poor areas of North Carolina and other states. They are very beautiful and artistic.

Within the Stone - Bill Atkinson is a color nature photographer and pioneer of digital photographic printing. In this book, he displays the results of a multi-year project in which he digitally photographed slices of stones. The images are abstract and beautiful.