Recommended Websites

Most of my photography skill is self-taught, either through things learned on the internet or from books. Here are a few of my favorite photography websites along with a brief description of each.

Other Photographers

Dave Beckerman - Dave is a New York street photographer. His work includes artistic photos of New York landmarks as well as people pictures. His site also includes a fantastic blog in which he shares a lot of his photography business process as well as his images.

Paul Schilliger - Paul creates beautiful color landscape images, mostly in Switzerland.

Grant Collier Photography - Grant's site focuses on his beautiful photographs of Colorado, Utah, the Southwest, and Patagonia.


OpenSourcePhoto - Open Source Photo is a group of Christian photographers that share knowledge among themselves. It is focused on event shooting and is led by David Jay, who has been called one of the premier photojournalistic wedding photographers in the world today. - is one of the largest photography sites on the internet. It started as a personal home page back in the 90's, and now it is a community with thousands of members. It includes articles about photography and travel as it relates to photography. It also includes many forums on photographic topics.

APUG - The Analog Photography User Group is dedicated to film-based photography. This website includeds what is probably one of the most well-behaved photography forums on the internet. Just don't tell them that film is dying!

Large Format Photography - This is the premier source for information about large format photography. It includes articles that will tell you everything you need to know about making images with a big camera. There is an excellent forum as well.


B&H Photo - B&H is a reputable discount equipment dealer based in New York. I have bought equipment and film from them many times, and I highly recommend them.

KEH - KEH is a good source of used photo gear. They have excellent customer service and are very conservative when they describe their used equipment.