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365 Faces of Chico -- Information and Call for Nominations

Now that I'm a little over a month into my 365 Faces of Chico project, it's time for me to take a couple of minutes to explain why I'm doing the project and exactly what the project will entail.

Summary of Purpose

To draw attention to an often unrecognized segment of the population of Chico: those who are serving.

Background and Project Details

After experiencing several significant losses in my personal life, it became a personal challenge and goal to search daily for the beauty that surrounds me. I had never noticed much of this beauty before, but I quickly began to realize how many people possess it. And most go unnoticed by the rest of the population as well. However, the results of these people's contributions have a deep impact on our community.

So, the purpose of my project is to draw increased attention to these positive contributions in the face of an ever present focus on the negative in our society. It is also my hope that seeing each face and reading each person's story will ignite a hunger in others to recognize and give thanks for amazing beauty that surrounds us in our deeply depraved world.

With these goals in mind, here are the parameters I will follow as I create my portraits:

  • I will create 365 different portraits within 365 days.
  • These portraits will be of people who are making a positive contribution to the Chico community.
  • These portraits will be of people I have never photographed before.

Call for Nominations

Do you know someone who should be recognized in this project? If so, we would like to hear from you. Please send us an email or contact us using our web form.

Posted by Crystal on March 25, 2008 at 8:00AM.

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