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Ariana's Sweet 16 Celebration

Kisses from Daddy

Ariana had a birthday on Sunday. We wanted to make her sweet 16 party special, so we started the celebration two days before her official birthday.

Friday was my day to celebrate with Ariana. She put on her new birthday dress, and Crystal curled her hair and put on her makeup. I dressed too, wearing slacks and a sport coat, and I took her to Christian Michael, one of the nicest restaurants in Chico. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, and then we decided to see a movie. We laughed our way through What Happens in Vegas while the rest of the theater occupants tried to figure out why we were at the movies wearing fancy dress clothes. We completed our evening by walking over to Ben & Jerry's for an ice cream dessert.

Saturday, the major festivities took place. Ariana invited three friends over: Aurora, Lauren, and Kylee. Aurora and Kylee came over early that morning, so Ariana treated them to a pedicure at a local salon while she had her nails done. Crystal spent most of the afternoon styling hair and applying makeup, and then all of the girls put on their fancy dresses. We dined at Olive Garden along with half of the people attending local school proms.

We rushed home, where Ariana opened her gifts from her friends and my family back in North Carolina. She got a new teddy bear, and one of the cards nearly gave her a heart attack when it started playing a song.

Next came the highlight of the evening for the girls. The rented Ford F350 limo pulled up in front of our house, and everyone climbed in for a night on the town. The girls immediately requested to be taken to Wal-Mart so they could buy sparkling cider. Wal-mart doesn't have sparkling cider, so we tried again at one of the local grocery stores. Have procured the beverage needed for a toast, the limo driver took us to a small, bumpy road that offered a stunning view down the hill to the city of Chico. We cruised around downtown, and the girls waved at the college students who lined the streets. We made a stop at Nana and Papa Flower's house so they could see the limo, and then we came back home so the exhausted and happy girls could collapse into bed for the night.

Sunday was Ariana's actual birthday. One by one, her friends filtered back to their families. Crystal's parents, brother, and nephew came over, and we had cake and ice cream. Ariana opened her gifts from Crystal's family, and we finished the night and the three day birthday celebration by watching a movie.

Ariana, you were a beautiful, glowing birthday girl. I'm deeply proud of all you've accomplished in the last year, and I can't wait to see what you do during the next one. I love you with all my heart. Thanks for being my little girl.

Pretty Nails

Aurora Getting a Pedicure

Ariana Being Made Over

Overlooking Chico

Awwww! She Got a Sweet Card!

After the Limo Ride

Gary Stuffing His Face

Kylee Ready for Dinner

Emily Eating Ice Cream

Let Her Be Smeared with Cake

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  1. awww..little girl is growing up to be so big..=)..miss you guys..

    Posted by Conrad Lim | June 17, 2008 at 3:44PM

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