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Regular readers are probably wondering what has happened to me. Yes, I'm still alive! It's been a busy month, and I'm just now getting to a point where I have some time to work on the business side of Divine Reflections Photography.

The month started with a week-long trip to North Carolina. My original plan had been to fly into Nashville, Tennessee, spend 3 days exploring Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, and then spend the rest of the week photographic somewhere in the Asheville, North Carolina area shooting early fall color. As the week of the trip became imminent, it became apparent that there was going to be little to no fall color in the Big South Fork area and that it would be quite hot there. I decided to skip that part of the trip and go straight to North Carolina.

I decided to spend the week in the Mount Pisgah and Graveyard Fields areas of the Blue Ridge Parkway, using Mount Pisgah as my base camp. It turned out that the fall color has been late pretty much everywhere this season, and it was pretty much nonexistant on the Parkway during my trip. There were a few pockets of color, so I worked with what I had. The camping got rained out by the remnants of Tropical Storm Tammy, but I still managed to create some images. I still have plenty of film to develop from the trip, and I'll write a more comprehensive report later on when I can look at the images.

I returned from the trip, and immediately had to go to work finishing up the taxes that got pushed to the back burner because of our move to the new house as well as other family matters. I'm happy to report that they are finished.

On top of all of this, the battery in the laptop computer that I use to manage this business decided to die just before the trip. I still don't have it replaced, but I've managed to set up some alternate ways to get my stuff done.

With all that said, I'm back! I hope to have some preliminary images from the trip online in a week or two.

Posted by Greg on October 20, 2005 at 4:47PM.

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