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Bidwell Park Project

Bidwell Park is one of the ten largest municipal parks in the country, and it is right here in Chico. It's divided into two parts: Lower Park and Upper Park. Lower park is what I consider a typical city park. It has picnic areas, playgrounds with jungle gyms, a swimming hole, and paved paths. Upper Park is different than any city park I've ever seen. It exists on the edge of the Sierra Nevada foothills, and it is rugged and wild, especially in the upper areas far from the entrance.

I've given myself an assignment to photograph Upper Park. I'm amazed by the beauty that lies within the Chico city limits. The park encompasses cliffs, a deep creek gorge, and meadows. There are trails along the creek, on both canyon rims, and in several places in between. I started hiking the trails in December of last year, and I'm going back as often as I can to explore and look for images.

Business-wise, I think this is a good move because I believe the photos will sell well in my local market. I'll work to get an exhibit in a local gallery when the project is finished. I may even work on putting a book together if the number of finished images is large enough to warrant it.

Unfortunately, I can't post any of my images from this project just yet because I don't have a scanner that will handle the big transparencies. (I'm using my Mamiya RB to photograph this project. It gives me 6x7cm images.) In the meantime, here's a 35mm black and white image of one of the power towers in the park:

Posted by Greg on May 16, 2005 at 4:51PM.

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