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Summer Vacation 2007: Mount Ranier National Park

Mount Ranier from Reflection Lakes

Ohanepekosh Campground, Washington (August 2-4)


Partly to mostly cloudy. Foggy in Paradise. Rain one night.

  • Shopped at mall in Seattle so we would miss the rush hour traffic through downtown
  • Drove to Paradise twice
  • Hiked the Nisqually Vista trail
  • Saw the Box Canyon of the Cowlitz
  • Attended a worship service at the campground
  • Walked to the overlook of Narada Falls
  • Ate lunch at the National Park Inn
Food Notes

We grilled beef and vegetable kabobs over the campfire one night. We had learned from past mistakes and had proper tools so we didn't burn them this time. I think this was the best camp meal of the entire trip.


Beauty abounded on the Nisqually Vista hike. The wildflowers were blooming profusely, and the greenery was abundant. Whoever named Paradise did so appropriately.

We focused on family time on this trip, including a lot of time playing games. In our campground here, we played Scrabble. Other games we had with us included cards and Yahtzee. Lots of family bonding occurred as a result of our focused time together.

Worship in the natural cathedral of the forest seemed fitting. The experience was special.


I didn't pay enough attention to the National Park Service website when I planned this part of our trip. We arrived at Mount Ranier pretty late because we wanted to miss the traffic through Seattle. We got to the road that we were planning to take through the park only to find it still closed because of severe flood damage. The detour took over two hours, and we didn't get to camp until after midnight that night. But at least we had reservations and didn't have to sleep in the van!

We had clear views of the mountain most of the time we were in Seattle and the San Juan Islands. We only got fleeting glimpses of the mountain while we were in the park, and we never were able to see it up close from Paradise.

Paradise Flowers

Looking at the Canyon

In a Rock

Mount Ranier

Narada Falls

Paradise Meadows

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  1. This is a great picture.

    Posted by Aurora | November 24, 2007 at 11:36AM

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