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Summer Vacation 2007: Olympic National Park

Crescent Lake

Safeway Parking Lot, Port Angeles, Washington (July 27)


Sunny during the day and cloudy at night.

  • Spent an absurd amount of time in traffic trying to get out of Seattle

We were going to take a ferry from just north of Seattle over to the Olympic Peninsula. When we arrived, the wait for the ferry was over two hours long, so we decided to drive around instead. That was a huge mistake. The traffic through Seattle, and it took us over three hours to make the drive. By the time we got to Olympic National Park, the campground we had planned to use was full. We drove back to Port Angeles only to find that every hotel that wasn't horrifically frightening was also full. We ended up sleeping in our van in the Safeway parking lot.

Mora Campground, Olympic National Park, Washington (July 28-29)


Partly cloudy with some fog. Light rain one night.

  • Gawked at Crescent Lake in the national park
  • Walked on Rialto Beach
  • Played at Ruby Beach
  • Took a ranger-led hike through the Hoh Rain Forest
  • Played in the Hoh River
  • Sat around the campfire telling stories about our lives before we met
  • Took in the jaw-dropping view of Hurricane Ridge

Ruby Beach was beautiful. It featured huge rocks, driftwood, and a tidal creek. Emily, Ariana, and Rachelle met a little girl who promptly attached herself to them. The little girl followed them everywhere they went for the entire afternoon.

We found a small log sticking out of the ground next to the Hoh River. It screamed, "Ride me!" So, we rode it. We took turns sitting on the log while someone else yanked the loose end up and down. Yeeeee haw!

Hurricane Ridge inspired awe. The flower-filled meadow next to the parking lot and the snow-capped mountain range in the background made for the best mountain view of my life. It brought tears to Crystal's eyes.

Emily on Ranger Walk

Ruby Beach Family Portrait

Hall of Mosses

Throwing Rocks

Hurricane Ridge Family Portrait

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