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Summer Vacation 2007: Oregon Coast

Harris Beach State Park, Oregon (July 21)


Cloudy with rain/mist at night.

  • Played on Harris Beach
  • Buryed Ariana in the sand

Crystal and Rachelle were playing in the surf at Harris Beach. Crystal was wearing regular shorts because her husband forgot to pack her bathing suit. (Oops.) At one point, a rather large wave took her shorts down to her ankles. The wave receded, and all of the people looking in her general direction got mooned. They all thought it was hysterically funny, but I was bummed because I missed the whole episode!

Beverly Beach State Park, Oregon (July 22-23)


Cloudy and/or foggy both days. Foggy/misty the first night, clear the second night.

  • Window shopped and ate lunch and caramel apples in the historic bayfront area of Newport
  • Explored tidepools at Yaquina Head
  • Climbed the Yaquina Head lighthouse
  • Trash the prom dress shoot on Beverly Beach with Rachelle and Ariana

I woke up in the tent and looked over to see a giant smile on Emily's face. This melted my heart almost every day on this trip. This particular morning I watched my wife jump between Ariana and Rachelle's air mattresses and then proceed to tickle and kiss them until they were awake and begging for mercy.

Emily kept asking to "Take walk!" (To hear this in your mind correctly, you have to pronounce the k's like you are speaking German.)

Newport Cutie

Salad and a Pepsi

Looking for Wildlife

Common Murre

Dad and Ariana

Tidepool Anenomes

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