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Summer Vacation 2007: Portland

Rachelle in the Lovejoy Fountain

Super 8 Motel, Gresham, Oregon (August 7-9)


Varied. We got a bit of rain one morning, and it was partly cloudy to sunny the rest of the time.

  • Took a MAX train from our hotel to downtown Portland
  • Walked around the downtown Farmer's Market
  • Looked at The Old Church and saw a concert of pieces selected from the musical Honk!
  • Toured the Portland Art Museum
  • Saw an outdoor concert by Pepe and the Bottle Blondes
  • Toured the Classical Chinese Garden in Chinatown
  • Explored the Portland Children's Museum, including the Rembrandt exhibit of works by Dutch painters including Rembrandt himself
  • Walked around the grounds of the Pittock Mansion
  • Looked at the flowers in the Rose Garden in Washington Park
  • Played at the playground in Washington Park
  • Examined the Illume outdoor photo exhibit
  • Visited the Grotto, a peaceful Catholic shrine in a Portland suburb. Took the elevator to the garden on the top level
Food Notes

We decided to try some new foods when we ate at the Heathman in downtown Portland. Crystal ordered rabbit, and I ordered quail. Both were excellent.

When we were in Chinatown, we asked a police officer where to find the best authentic Chinese food. He recommended a restaurant, and we were treated to the best Chinese food I've eaten.


The Old Church in Portland contains a Hook & Hastings pipe organ that was originally installed in 1883 and restored in 1997. I was given an opportunity to play this beautiful, historic instrument.

The venue for the Pepe and the Bottle Blondes concert included a dance floor that was largely ignored by the spectators. Rachelle walked around asking all of the kids in the front of the crowd if they'd like to dance. She and the children filled the floor for three or four songs.

The Portland Children's Museum offered face painting as an activity for its visitors. First, Rachelle painted Emily's face. She like that and decided that she wanted to paint the faces of her sisters. They are great sports, so they let her. Several minutes later, I had three paint-covered daughters. They spent the rest of the day walking around Portland as highly decorated siblings, drawing looks from most passers-by.

Portland gets the award for nicest big city that I've visited. In fact, it is the only big city that I've visited so far where I feel I could actually live if I was forced to move to a city. It was clean, it was beautiful, and they have great parks and a great public transportation system. The police officers that I spoke too talked about the low crime rate in the downtown area. And it's close to an absurd number of beautiful natural settings.

Rinsing in Washington Park

Making a Clay Souvenir

Pittock Mansion

Dodging Birds

View of Portland

The Old Church

Jumping Down Stairs

Saint Anne's Chapel, The Grotto

Post-Dance Hug

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  1. Nice work, it looks like you have a nice portfolio going. Love the Saint Anne's Chapel shot, that red with all the trees looks great.

    Posted by Arizona Wedding Photographer | October 18, 2007 at 10:22AM

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