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Summer Vacation 2007: Redwoods

Playing in the Sand

Surfin' USA

The Girls and a Honkin' Tree

Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California (July 17)


Raining cats and dogs.

  • Ate at a small cafe to keep from drowning
  • Drove the Avenue of the Giants

Our campsite was beautiful. It was secluded and huge. Also, it stopped raining long enough for us to pack without getting drenched.


We followed our plans to camp here in spite of scattered rain showers in the forecast. After all, it was California in July. How bad could it be? Unfortunately, we had overlooked a major factor in the weather: the Coates Camping Curse. This curse has followed my family since I was a small child. You see, it is nearly impossible for any Coates family member to go on a camping trip without getting rained on or having some other natural problem. For example, not too long after Crystal and I were married, we went camping with my parents in Tennessee. It was nice until the day we packed up to go home. We woke up to a torrential downpour. We hurriedly loaded the car. After about five minutes, we didn't care about the rain so much because it would have been impossible for us to get any wetter. We learned later that the entire campground had washed away when the nearby creek flooded. On another occasion, we took my parents to Crescent City to camp in the Redwoods. A tsunami warning was issued while we were there. Are you starting to get the idea?

When we arrived at the state park, it was cloudy, but the clouds didn't look too bad. We dug the tent out of the van and erected it. No sooner had we installed the rain fly when the rain started. By the time we had our sleeping bags and mattresses in the tent, the sky had opened up completely.

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, California (July 18-20)


Varied. We got beautiful sun one day and rain the other two as well as light rain each night.

  • Built sand structures and rode waves at a Crescent City beach
  • Attended campfire program titled Bear Tales at our campground
  • Toured Ocean World in Crescent City
  • Walked to Battery Point Lighthouse (no tsunami warning this time)
  • Hiked to Fern Canyon
  • Drove Newton B. Drury Parkway through Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
Food notes

We had burgers cooked over an open campfire one night. They were extremely good, but if you want to try this yourself I suggest that you use something more sturdy and less likely to melt than a plastic fork to turn them. You'll be less likely to catch them on fire like we did.


We got to pet starfish, anenomes, and sharks at Ocean World. There was also a great sea lion show.

Redwoods are big. Really big. They are so big that I told Emily we were going to see "honkin' trees." She kept asking about honkin' trees for days after we left.

We saw four giant bull elk right next to the road when we drove in to the Fern Canyon trailhead.


I woke up sick the first day in this campground. It was not fun, but at least I recovered quickly

We narrowly missed a pretty nasty car accident on the drive to the trailhead. The car behind us got hit by a tire and axle that came off a semi truck in the lane going the opposite direction. We stopped to help and everyone was okay.

Emily in Sissie's Clothes


Plumber Pants


Fern Sprout

Inspecting Ferns

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