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Tag. We're It!

A lot of photographers are playing a game of tag on the internet these days. We've been tagged by Dan Watkins. That means that we have to tell 8 things about ourselves that our readers might not know and then tag some other photographers.

Here's our list of 8 things:

  1. Crystal and I have been foster parents for almost 3 years. We have 2 foster kids right now, and we've had a total of 13 children in our home.
  2. I grew up in Weaverville, North Carolina. Crystal grew up in Chico, California. We met in Wilmore, Kentucky, when we were introduced by my brother. I was attending college in Cedarville, Ohio, at the time.
  3. Our first adopted child was a co-dependent beagle named Gracie. We rescued her from the Humane Society in Kentucky.
  4. Two of our favorite summer activities are swimming and grilling.
  5. I like bragging on my wife. So I'm going to brag a bit. Crystal is a full-time Mom, a photographer, and a homeschool teacher to two of our five children. If I tried to do everything that she does on a daily basis, it would probably kill me. She's my hero!
  6. Crystal and I have a dream to bicycle across Europe some day, and Greg really wants to hike the Appalachian Trail.
  7. We both like to read. A lot. Our current favorite author is Ted Dekker, who writes great thrillers. The twist is that his thrillers have incredibly powerful morals.

Now we get to tag some other photographers. Amber and Nathan Holritz, JT Pals, Jason Tench, Jeanette Krzyzek, and Denise Neufeld, you're it!

Posted by Greg on September 18, 2007 at 8:00AM.

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