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Thanksgiving in Napa

Toothless Fun

Some families get together and enjoy blissful, tender, warm moments that they cherish forever; that is most definitely not how I would describe my family. They are loud, rowdy, busy, and a bit chaotic. It would not be a Flower family get together without a few arguments, lots of food, card games, and several hard to contain children that often get misplaced.

However, if you look carefully you will notice that in the midst of all those rough edges there emerge a few tender moments. Laughter erupting from a few people during a card game. Children squealing in delight over the discovery that sand works far better then shampoo. Seeing the "tough" teen snuggled up closely with the baby asleep after the great feast. Gentle kisses. Funny faces. Those are the moments I cherish during the holidays with my family.

This Thanksgiving my brother Richard and his wife Tricia graciously agreed to host the holiday festivities at their home in Napa. The drive was clear and pretty, and the day was simply beautiful. After gorging ourselves sinfully during the meal we lounged and socialized before saying our goodbyes. Emily and my niece have the hardest time with these departures. They get so excited about seeing each other that their time together never seems just long enough. Cheyenne dutifully helped buckle Emily into her car seat and gave her hugs and kisses before we went on our way. It was so sweet. Thanks, Richard and Trish, for being such gracious hosts. The meal was awesome!

On a final note, my wonderful parents graciously agreed to pose for a "toothless grin" picture. For as long as I can remember, my father has entertained little children with his ability to pull out his "teeth". So, I thought it would make a great picture if both of my parents posed "toothless". I had the hardest time getting the shot through my laughter. Mom and Dad, you both are such great sports!

Nana Flower

Cheyenne Drumming


Cheyenne Sliding



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