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Visiting Rachelle

Meeting Rachelle

Rachelle has been in her residential treatment program for a little over three months now. She's making progress and doing well, so she earned a visit with us. At the end of February, we started the long, long drive to Utah to see our beloved daughter. We barely made it over Donner Pass before snow closed the road, but we sped along the interstate after that. Well, we sped along until we got to Elko, Nevada. As we turned into the restaurant for dinner, the brake light in our new Suburban came on.

Normally, this wouldn't have been too much of a problem, but it happened on a Saturday night. We found a hotel room, and the next morning I called every brake shop in town. Every one of them were closed. We got breakfast at a local coffee shop and then wandered around looking for something — anything — to do. Elko is dead on Sunday. We took some goofy pictures, and lunch, and discovered that the movie theater was open. We spent the end of our day watching Fool's Gold.

The next morning, I found a shop to fix the car. While the work was being done, we had our little impromptu photo shoot with Kate. By the time the shoot was over, our car was ready.

Lunch and Coloring

Tic Tacs


Ariana's Model Hair

Mommy Kissing Ariana

Dad Looking Bored

Family Footprints

Later that day, we made it to the town where we would be staying during the visit. The next morning, we joyfully hugged and kissed our daughter for the first time since we dropped her off in November. We spent that day and the next meeting Rachelle's friends, meeting the staff at the Ranch, bowling, shopping, eating "real food", and just hanging out. I'm thrilled to report that Rachelle is improving and is doing the hard work that she needs to do in order to come home.

Rachelle, we miss you and love you, and we can't wait until you're able to come back home again!

Rachelle Bowling

Long Car Ride

Mom Won

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