Fine Art Prints

About the Prints

Two types of prints are offered on this site: black and white Piezography prints, and Fuji Crystal Archive color prints.

For both types of prints, the original negatives or slides are scanned to digital files using a high resolution scanner. The files are then edited using Adobe Photoshop. The digital equivalent of techniques that originated in the traditional darkroom are used to make the files reflect Greg's artistic vision. Once the editing process is complete, West Coast Imaging prints the files using their Chromira printer or Piezography printer.

The Chromira printer uses LED lights to expose a sheet of Fuji Archive Paper, a traditional color photograhic paper. This paper is then processed in wet RA-4 chemistry. This paper has a display life of 60 to 70 years.

The Piezography printer is an Epson 9500, which uses a superb set of inks made by Cone Editions. These inks are carbon-based and come in several shades of gray. They have a long archival life, and look very similar to a traditional selenium-toned print. The prints are made on Hahnemuhle Photorag paper, a fine art paper similar to a coated watercolor paper. The ink and paper combination should have an archival life of over 100 years if the prints are stored in the dark or displayed in dim light that is not direct sunlight. This display life rivals that of traditional silver gelatin black and white prints.

All prints in the fine art galleries on this site are available in one of the two preceding forms. They include a high quality, archival mat that may be framed as you desire. Prints are shipped flat between several layers of cardboard for protection.

We also offer framed prints that are shipped carefully in boxes with lots of crushable padding.

Investment Amounts and Shipping

The following table shows the print sizes that we offer as well as the investment amounts for each print size. All sizes are given in inches and are rounded to the nearest quarter of an inch.

Series Print Size Finished Size
(Horizontal Prints)
Finished Size
(Vertical Prints)
Investment (Matted) Investment (Framed)
Studio 8¼ x 13 18 x 13¾ 13¼ x 18½ $165 $265
9½ x 12 17 x 15 14½ x 17½
10½ x 10½ 15½ x 16
Gallery 12¼ x 19 27 x 20¾ 20¼ x 27½ $325 $425
14 x 17½ 25½ x 22½ 22 x 26
15½ x 15½ 23½ x 24
Museum 15¼ x 23 31 x 23¾ 23¼ x 31½ $495 $615
16¾ x 21 29 x 25¼ 24¾ x 29½
18¾ x 18¾ 26¾ x 27¼
Masterpiece 19¼ x 29 37 x 27¾ 27¼ x 37½ $745 $925
21¼ x 26½ 34½ x 29¾ 29¼ x 35
23½ x 23½ 31½ x 32

Shipping is $14.95 for fine art print orders totalling $325.00 or less, $21.95 for fine art print orders totalling between $325.01 and $625.00, and free for orders totalling $625.01 or more. Sales tax will be added for prints shipped to a California address.

How to Order

The website features a shopping cart. Items may be place into the cart from the detailed description page of each image. Once items are in the cart, you may purchase them using a credit card or bank account via Paypal. You may also print out your order form and mail us a check or money order. Please note that you do not have to have or create a Paypal account in order to take advantage of payments using a credit cart or bank account.